Dead Crown - Crucify Me (Pre-Order 6)

Dead Crown - Crucify Me (Pre-Order 6)

Regular price $100.00 Sale price $120.00

This is the ultimate boss package, if you buy this you will receive:

1 Physical Copy of "Crucify Me"

1 Black "Crucify Me" Cross Tee

1 Black "Crucify Me" Album Tee

1 Black "Crucify Me" Long Sleeve

1 Red "Crucify Me" Hoodie

1 Kiss from each member of the band

****kisses are not guaranteed, must be consensual and agreed upon in advance. Ok fine, you probably wont really end up getting one. Just be stoked with the discount you got on all this cool shit and be chill. Who even reads these disclaimers? we're probably gonna get emails from you a week after you order anyways asking "where's my order at???" even though it clearly states that this item wont ship til December. Party on.****


**This is a pre-order item set to ship on or shortly before 12/6/2019**

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